How it works

  • Connect your steam profile to your Skin Crow Account. Click here to edit your profile page and connect your steam. Click here to learn how to connect your Steam account.
  • Browse through posted Challenges and accept one of your choice, or Create and Post a customized Challenge of your own!
  • Once a Challenge has been agreed upon and accepted, you may deposit supported Skins into the platform.
  • Prepare to record the game match, as this is mandatory for any Dispute that may occur.
  • The winner will receive the Skins that have been stored into the platform immediately after the Challenge has concluded.
  • In case of a Dispute, the recorded footage will be reviewed by our expert Dispute Team and made available for the entire community to review.
  • Pro level members will also have the ability to compete in weekly cash prize tournaments with no additional entry fee.

How To Link Your Steam Profile To Your Skin Crow Account

  • Go to your Profile page here
  • In your profile information click the button that says “Connect to Steam”
  • Login in to your Steam Account
  • Accept the Steam Auth within your Skin Crown Site and add the Steam Trade URL to finish the connection.

How Get And Save Your Steam Trade URL

  • Login in to your Steam account
  • In the main menu, hover over your user name and click “Inventory”.
  • Below your name click the button called “Trade Offers”
  • On the right sidebar click “Who can send me Trade Offers?”
  • In the ” Third-Party Sites” section you can see or generate a new Trade URL. Copy that Trade URL to your clipboard.
  • Go to your Skin Crown Profile page and paste your Trade Url in the textfield inside of your Steam profile box.
  • Click “Submit” and save your Trade URL

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